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The Writings and Speeches of Abraham Lincoln
The Essential Collection

by Abraham Lincoln

Narrated by Raymond Massey

Abraham Lincoln

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Format: 2 Audio CDs / Unabridged
ISBN: 0-89926-147-7
Item No: NU2-370

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The writing and speeches of Abraham Lincoln are a monument to the greatness and renown of our 16th President. They represent his character and reflect his way of thinking, his way of dealing with men, and the kind of matters which engaged him. This recording brings to life his honesty, his cleverness and wit, his fairness and the continued relevance of the masterful words of one of the most deeply beloved men the world has ever known.

Included on this recording are:
  • Lincolnís First Public Address: Political Announcement to the people of Sangamon County, Illinois ~ March 9, 1832
  • Announcement of Political Views in Sangamon Journal ~ June 13, 1836
  • From a speech in Peoria, Illinois in reply to Senator Douglas ~ October 16, 1854
  • From a speech at Galena, Illinois during the Fremont Campaign ~ July 23, 1856
  • Biographical Sketch ~ June 15, 1858
  • A House Divided ~ Speech at the Republican State Convention Springfield, Illinois ~ June 16, 1858
  • First Inaugural Address ~ March 4, 1861
  • Proclamation calling 75,000 militia and convening Congress in extra session ~ April 15, 1861
  • From the Annual Message to Congress ~ December 3, 1861
  • Final Emancipation Proclamation ~ January 1, 1863
  • Letter to General U. S. Grant ~ July 13, 1863
  • Proclamation for Thanksgiving ~ October 3, 1863
  • Address at the Dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg ~ November 19, 1863
  • Letter to General U. S. Grant ~ April 30, 1864
  • Reply to a Delegation from the National Union League ~ June 9, 1864
  • Memorandum to his Cabinet ~ August 23, 1864
  • Second Inaugural Address ~ March 4, 1865
  • Address to the 140th Indiana Regiment ~ March 17, 1865
  • Telegram to General U. S. Grant ~ April 7, 1865
  • Last Public Address ~ April 11, 1865
  • Conclusion: Fragment from an Address delivered September 30, 1859

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Raymond MasseyRaymond Massey, though Canadian-born, became known for playing quintessentially American roles. He portrayed Abraham Lincoln on both the stage and film, most famously in Abe Lincoln in Illinois. His credits span the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry as an actor, director and producer. His appearance on this recording is most memorable.

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