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The Best of Mark Twain

by Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemons)

Narrated by Marvin Miller

Best of Mark Twain

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Format: 3 Audio CDs / Unabridged Anthology
ISBN: 0-89926-116-7
Item No: CU2-580

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Newspaperman, river boat pilot, miner, lecturer, writer, world traveler, and most of all, storyteller, Samuel Langhorne Clemons (1835-1910) was the product of both the pre-industrial, pre-Civil War Mississippi Valley and the receding Western frontier.

H.L. Mencken called him the “first American author of world rank to write a genuinely colloquial and native American.”

The listener to this audio collection of some of Twain’s best is in for a rare treat as Marvin Miller gives a sparkling reading.

This Audio Book Company classic contains 17 hilarious sketches from the immortal pen of America’s great humorist.
  • The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County  (from Sketches New and Old)
  • A Day at Niagara  
  • Punch, Brothers, Punch  (from Tom Sawyer Abroad & Other Stories)
  • Jim Baker’s Bluejay Yarn  (from Tramp Abroad)
  • The Facts in The Case of the Great Beef Contract  (from Sketches New & Old)
  • Journalism in Tennessee  (from Sketches New & Old)
  • Guying The Guides  (from the Innocents Abroad)
  • Jim Blaine and His Grandfather’s Ram  (from Roughing It)
  • How I Edited an Agricultural Paper
  • An Encounter With An Interviewer  (from Tom Sawyer Abroad & Other Stories)
  • The Ant  (from A Tramp Abroad)
  • Speech on the Weather
  • From A Pilot's Needs  (from Life on the Mississippi)
  • When the Buffalo Climbed a Tree  (from Roughing It)
  • I Ride a Bucking Horse  (from Roughing It)
  • Scotty Briggs and the Parson  (from Roughing It)
  • Markiss, King of Liars  (from Roughing It)


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